Property Review of Sengkang Grand Residences by Capitaland and CDL (Part 1)

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

The long-awaited integrated development of the year is launching this weekend! Sengkang Grand Residences, a 680-unit condominium jointly developed by Capitaland Limited and City Developments, sits on top of Buangkok MRT station and will be seamlessly linked to a bus interchange, a top class retail mall, a hawker centre and community club.

Sengkang Grand Residences is the 9th integrated development that is connected to both MRT station and bus interchange. Currently, only 8 out of all existing 119 MRT stations (or 6.7%) have integrated developments with residential, commercial uses and a bus interchange. The total number of private residential units in integrated developments only make up 1.3% of the total number of private residential units nationwide. Still not sure what are integrated developments?

Bedok Residences, Watertown, Northpark Residences, Compass Heights, The Centris, Hillion and Sun Plaza are the names of older integrated developments which have not only offered their residents with great convenience, but also delivered good gains for both occupiers and investors.

Is Sengkang Grand Residence a good purchase? Should you be bringing your cheque book along when you visit the showflat this weekend?

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The last commercial/residential site in a new private residential enclave

Sengkang Grand Residences sits on a large land plot zoned commercial/residential. It is located along Sengkang Central. The main entrances to the development are along the less busy road, Compassvale Bow, hence the addresses are 72 to 88 Compassvale Bow. There are already two condominiums and 1 executive condominium in the area.

The Sengkang Grand Residences site is probably the last residential site for a private condominium in the Buangkok MRT submarket. To the west of the site is large plot of land comprising transport facilities (MRT depot), and two narrow strips of land zoned for Business 1 and reserved site. The shape and location of the reserved site appears too awkward for any residential development. The Business 1 site, subject to detailed planning, may bring work closer to home and improve rentability of the surrounding condominiums in the future.

There are plenty of schools in this area, including Nan Chiau Primary School and Palm View Primary School. Buangkok MRT is just one-stop away from Hougang MRT station, the future interchange of the upcoming Cross Island Line. Sengkang General Hospital is a 5-minute drive away.

The neighbourhood around Buangkok MRT is already quite well-established with plenty retail amenities. Fair Price and Kopitiam are just a stone’s throw away (3 minute walk) from the site. But do you really need these retail amenities when you already have your basic needs covered under one roof, right under your foot? In fact, the presence of an integrated development like Sengkang Grand Residences will enhance the liveliness and value of this cosy neighbourhood.


· A well-design project built on a large land area, with relatively far distance between residential blocks, giving maximum view and air circulation.

· New private residential enclave

· Plenty of schools in the area, including good schools such as Nan Chiau Primary School (6 out of the 9 residential blocks in the development are within 1 km of Nan Chiau, based on OneMap. Parents are encouraged to enquire directly with the school)

· Utmost convenience - Community Centre, hawker, supermarket, childcare and retail shops are part of the integrated development.

· The retail component is managed by Capitaland, an industry leader in managing retail malls.

· The last mixed-use site in the submarket for private condominium

· Scarcity – the total number of private residential units in integrated developments only make up 1.3% of the total number of private residential units nationwide

· Developed by and Capitaland CDL – both top developers in CONQUAS ranking

· Constructed by China Construction (South Pacific) – ranked 4th among of the top 10 contractors in CONQUAS ranking


· Sengkang East Road is the main arterial road that connects to the only nearby expressway, TPE, towards the north of the project.

· Residents are not able to gain direct access from their lift on their floors to the basement and retail shops. (There are two access points from L4 and through a green high line at L5 e-deck. The benefit to residents is a sense of security and exclusivity. Visit the showflat this weekend to visualize)

Developed by Capitaland and CDL, quality assured

Sengkang Grand Residences is jointly developed by two of the biggest developers in Singapore – Capitaland and City Developments Ltd. Capitaland and CDL had been ranked as the top developers in Singapore under the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) developed by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA). CONQUAS assesses the quality of workmanship in structural works, architectural works, and mechanical and electrical works, by sampling a representative number of units in a housing development. Several of Capitaland’s projects such as Sky Habitat and Sky Vue, and CDL’s projects such as The Glyndebourne, Tree House, Nouvel 18 and Hundred Trees are rated among the top projects in Singapore, in terms of construction quality.

The main contractor for Sengkang Grand Residences is China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Pte Ltd. China Construction is ranked 4th among the top 10 contractors under CONQUAS.

At Sengkang Grand Residences, buyers can be assured of getting a high quality condominium.

Analysis of surrounding Condos

There are a total of 1,814 units in this area from 3 projects, excluding Sengkang Grand Residences. The majority of the units in the area are 3-Bedroom + utility, 3-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom units. There are 879 units of 3-Bedroom + Utility and 223 units of 3 Bedroom apartments, i.e. 60% of the total units in the area.

There are only 82 units of 1-Bedroom apartments in the area, i.e. 5% of the total units in the area. These units are typically bought for investment purposes. The low proportion of such units which does not come as a surprise since the developments here had primarily targeted the HDB upgraders’ market and families, and hence developers tend to build bigger units. However, with the upcoming Punggol Digital District encompassing the new SIT campus and the growth of aerospace industry supported by the nearby Seletar Aerospace Park, we are expecting to see more investment (hence rental) demand in the Sengkang area.

Unit Distribution

Based on the unit mix and sizes table above, Sengkang Grand Residences has a higher proportion of compact 3 Bedroom units, 2 Bedroom premium + study units and 1 Bedroom + Study unit. The other projects in the area have bigger proportion of 3 bedroom + utility units, which can cost higher in terms of absolute quantum. Sengkang Grand Residences’ unit distribution is probably made to fill the shortfall gap in the compact 3 Bedroom units and 1 Bedroom + Study units. Capitaland and CDL are targeting a segment that has been under-served with pent-up demand.

Site Plan

Inspired by the site’s heritage, the residential blocks are clustered in groups of three, reflecting the tri-element nature of the rubber leaf and seed – the leaves grow spirally in leaflets of three and the fruit consists of three large pods. This clustering of residential blocks provides maximum view and air circulation for all the units.

There's lots of landscaping, pools and facilities surrounding the entire development, with two clubhouses - main and social, providing function rooms, gym, changing room and nursing facilities. In addition, there are 36 innovative facilities such as Trampoline Thrill, Spectrum Spa Pool, Treetop Walk, just to name a few. Young or old, active, sociable or just seeking tranquility, there is something for everybody.


Coming home from bus/MRT or walking from outside the development, residents access either of the two Residents Lift Lobby to go to their units. For that matter, Blks 84 and 86 are nearest to one of these lift lobbies and residents also take a shorter walk the MRT entrance compared to the others blocks.

These two Lift Lobbies stop at the respective carpark levels and L4 and L5 E-decks, after which residents can access their respective block's lift lobbies. Hence, for those not driving and want to minimize walking, Blk 84, 86, 74, and 76 are good choices. (visit the show flat with me to visualize)

Most of the blocks are about 20 metres apart from each other, with some further apart at about 46 metres. Among the inward facing units, Stacks 11, 12 13 of Blk 74 and Stack 20, 21, 22 of Blk 76 enjoy maximum view.

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The inwards pool facing units, in my opinion, are the most premium units. Stack 32 of Blk 78 and Stack 60 of Blk 86 (both 4 Bedroom + Flexi units) provide nice pool views.

West-facing units in blocks 78 and 80 enjoy unblocked view overlooking the empty land above the depot and housing development in the Buangkok Green, Buangkok View and Buangkok Link area. The downside is that these units may have some issues with the evening sun, though some opine that evening sun is good for drying clothes and reducing dampness.

All layout types are quite evenly spread out across the development, though we see more 1 Bedroom types in block 86, followed by block 80.

The Substation is located nearest to stack 33 (2 bedroom + study) in blk 80.

The 4 bedroom premium + flexi units are mostly found among the clusters of blocks from 76 to 86, where they are most likely within 1 km of Nan Chiau Primary School, suitable for big families with school-going children.

Most of the 2 Bedroom Premium + study units are located in block 78. The Bin Centre is located nearest to stacks 28 and 29 (2 Bedroom units) in this block. There is no 1 bedroom unit in block 78. It might have been better if Capitaland and CDL have put more of the smaller 1 Bedroom units that are the most sellable in block 78 and 80.

Blk 72 sits above the hawker centre. There is little issue here since the Level 3A & B Mezzanine carparks provide a buffer and there is ample green landscaping surrounding the blocks.

Blks 72, 74, and 88 are on higher ground - ground level units (#04-xx) of these blocks are higher than Blk 76 to 88, which in my view in a good selling point.

Other things to note:

Carpark Ingress and egress (Car entry) are via Compassvale Bow. Buses enter and exit the interchange along Sengkang Central.

Floor Plan Analysis

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Price Analysis

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Still not sure whether Sengkang Grand Residence is a good buy? Find the attributes hard to visualize? Come to the show flat this weekend and let Anni Kum bring you around for a non-obligatory tour!

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