Urban Treasures - How to choose your preferred unit?

Tonight is the long-anticipated soft launch for Urban Treasures. I hope this new freehold development in District 14 is getting you excited!

Pondering which stack to choose at Urban Treasures? This blog post will help you to decide!

For buyers who loves the serenity and view that overlook the permanent unblocked view of low-rise apartment and landed estates to the east of Urban Treasures, your choice units will be:

1-Bedroom – Stack 8, 14 2- Bedroom – Stack 1, 9, 13, 16 3-Bedroom – Stack 7, 10, 12, 15

Stacks with landed view will be the most sought-after stacks by buyers. The developer has thoughtfully designed the development such that all stacks have either unblocked view or they do not directly face their neighbours because of the ample set back distances.

For buyers who prefers the pool view that gives you a sense of holiday home, your choice units will be:

1-Bedroom – Stack 18 2- Bedroom – Stack 6, 17, 19 4-Bedroom – Stack 20

Among the 20 stacks of units spread over 2 blocks, only 5 stacks offer direct pool view, hence making the pool view units a rare commodity within the development.

Want the best of both worlds?

You might want to go for stack 7 which offers landed view and partial pool view from the master bedroom balcony, as well as stack 17 which offers pool view and partial landed view from the master bedroom balcony.

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