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Hi! My name is Anni Kum and I had graduated from the Singapore Management University with a Bachelors Degree in Accountancy in 2006. Instead of joining the accounting industry, I immersed myself in the world of investment research, focusing on real estate equities. The last eights years saw my gradual transition into the real estate industry, having worked for a renowned real estate developer as well as a private equity real estate fund. Eventually, I became an estate agent. 

I am a mother of two sweet little darlings. On some evenings, they see me rushing out. “Mummy, where are you going?”, they ask.  I tried to explain to them about “Roadshows” in a way they can understand. And I won’t be home before 10 pm.

Life isn’t easy being an estate agent, but why did I choose to be one?  

My husband and I have been through the process of buying our matrimonial home, and then selling it after five years. We went on to buy our next home. We’ve also experienced renting out our home and staying in a rented home. At some point, we felt the entire process was an emotional roller coaster. It was especially hard to part with our matrimonial home. You need a trusted third-party to help you. And that’s the job of a trusted property advisor.

Property transactions involve research, doing due diligence on your buyer or seller, negotiation, paperwork, financing, legal matters, and handing over. When it comes to rental, you vet and select your tenants, make an inventory list, hand over the property, and take it back after 1 or 2 years.  Sometimes you get calls from tenant about plumbing issues and they expect you to resolve them quick.  

Would you have the time, energy and emotional capacity to handle all these on your own? When you handle your own property, emotions set in. Would you be able to handle objections and demands from buyers/tenants with an objective mind?

I see many areas for an estate agent to add value to their clients. That is why I am here. Having been through it, I know the pain points and want to help you avoid them, giving you a peace of mind.

These days, I still keep an eye on the investment market and regularly contributes articles focused on real estate (including equities) for the global investment community. 

I am a registered real estate salesperson (Salesperson Registration Number R061747H) with ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd and I focus on Singapore residential properties. I deal with properties in all housing segments from HDB to landed houses.  Whether you’re looking to invest, buy for own occupation or rent,  I will provide you with solutions based on your unique circumstances.

We can have a chat about your circumstances and plans over coffee. Let’s share our ideas with one another.  Call me at 91778871. 

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